Some Legacy

by Echo Base

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Emo from Tallahassee/Florida


released January 12, 2015




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From Würzburg/ in Germany

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Track Name: Some Legacy
Epitome: it pities me 'cause I've lost all interest in being all I can be.
Track Name: Better Demos
As I cradle what is left of tonight, my hands start to shake. A sharp pain pulses through my left arm, my chest begins to ache. This misfortune soothes me to sleep. This cycle always repeats 'til I wake up stuck in between my bed sheets and gravity.

A looming reminder that I haven't changed. When it comes to progress, I keep running way. The looming reminder: I slept in for days. When it comes to living, I keep running away.

Coping with existence is the only option. I'll avoid these sober steps in the comfort of my friends--the ones I can confide in, those who acknowledge I exist.

Epitome may pity me for as long as it chooses but I'm alive, still breathing.
Track Name: Have You Had a Nü​-​Castle Brown Ale?
This world terrifies me. Its grip is binding. The cries for help are drowned out by the sound of the TV set. As my spine breaks under this weight--which I offered to hold--they laugh as I suffocate.

Rummage through reasons. I still can't find one to exist. I tried believing that there's light amidst this darkness.

Genetics prove there's influence in how and where you choose to live. So, if I lose it's because I surround myself with negatives.

So long to seasons! There's no point if nothing changes. I tried believing. Is this when you accept defeat?

I guess I'll take my own advice. I should take my own advice: if hope is gone at first, I'll readjust the boundary lines.
I tried to take my own advice but hope is gone for good. Bury me within boundary lines.
Track Name: Pool Time With Scott.
Dr. Bishop, I acknowledge the existence of parallel universes, multiple variations of me--all whom may believe this same thing as me. Which one concrete, which one insignificant? How am I to compete with myselves?

"I can't, can I?"
I can't.

What am I supposed to believe in anymore?
(I am a human being too immersed in his thinking. In possibilities I trust, more so than the logical.)
This changes everything
(Isn't it wonderful? Everything is alright.)

This is dangerous thinking. Stay grounded. For all we know, the only ghosts are us. We shouldn't doubt it. So, what's the point of losing sleep over it?
In theory, it's only a theory.
I don't need proof to know that I exist
So, what's the point in losing sleep over it?
Track Name: Launchies
The newspapers that I've kept as monuments are just gathering dust on this floor. These walls are too thick for pushpins. They will never be seen again.

I hope they come back to me, all those beautiful things--even though I'll just throw them away.

I'm finding I'll never fall into the place I belong.

This lack of motivation: I can't even find the will to pick up the phone. I know it's hard to move on, but one day I know you will find a home.

I'm shaking the southland hoping to rearrange the state lines.

I'm spending time living under these trees, no room for the sun to shine through. Making mountains on the windowsill. I still act surprise when everything falls apart.
Track Name: Chief?
Raised to believe in a misinterpretation of the validity in a pre-determined path. It started off slow then picked up fast toward the moment of clarity: I'm still confused. If he really speaks to you, why haven't I heard the truth?

You're so sure a better life awaits upon his return. I spent so much time waiting for the end of days I forgot to plan the rest of my life out. So, when you tell me to have faith, I lose the faith that's left in me.

"Maybe you should hope to god that you'll be relieved of this feeling."
Track Name: McCloud?!
for Beatriz Arguello:

It's life. Yeah, I get it: people constantly come and go. To deny this is plain foolish, but I lie and convince myself You'll Live forever. Bea, you'll live forever inside me as I grow.

I lack the Spanish vocabulary and the grammar to eloquently tell thee...
but, this song is my best chance to show how much you mean to me:
Bea, you'll live forever.

Usted me da vida en una vida que no me necesita.

You're my constant. Without sight, you see a better side of me. Bare my conscious, someday I'll believe that entirely.
Track Name: Edgebreaker
Although miles separate these friends all across the state, I wouldn't hesitate to make the drive today. I mean it when I say: you're all I live for.
Track Name: Mike Bibby
I haven't viewed a mirror in... god knows how long. I've been lucky enough to catch glimpses of an obscure reflection on cars that I walk by. It's a sad sight for sore eyes.

Lately, I feel as though my mask has fallen apart, or that I've outgrown this shell. Beats me which one it is.

For now, I wish that I could lie on this green without always sinking to the core because, contrary to what this scale says, I'm lighter than I think I am.
Track Name: Never Tell Me the Odds
The search for the right words was always a struggle. Maybe I never knew what I was trying to say...?

I tried meditating, but the silence scares me. Since then, I've made great friends with the floor these past few weeks.
I'm sinking too fast now. No way to pull myself out.

Although these silhouettes have kept me company, I need to work this out on my own time.

If this is the last you hear from me: I'm not gone, I've only become transparent. Swimming in self-doubt. A walking second guess. Still, it's time to move on because a mess of mediocrity doesn't make any damn sense. When I find this house--the one I once loved, the one we once shared--you'll never be welcomed. Go find your way home without me.
Track Name: God Dammit, Phaynes
These plots are the best cast this clay can shape, but you can't compare it to the real thing. Drown myself in fiction to numb the pain of the thought that my life is too mundane.

But, one way or another it all ends. We all end.

I'm tired of feeling like my life's inadequate. I'm making up for lost time. Things could be so much worse, at least I'm breathing and that's more than enough.

So, commence with living in the present. There's no syndication run after this. As these stars move farther away from me, I age knowing we left some legacy.

Nobody does it alone, so I won't be the only one moving on to what comes next--even if life does not.
Track Name: It's 2013, Baby (bonus)
Well I hope you found
The comfort you were searching for
It's the subtle notes
That Catch you off guard

I'm sorry I'm not poetic
But I don't owe you anything

And I'm afraid of
What you'll think of me
And I'm afraid of
How You've changed

It's how you've grown away from me

Complacency is what you need
And I know it's what you want
Track Name: Long Live Belle Vue (live bonus)
Abandoned for the winter. While we kept ourselves warm, we left you in the cold. Good riddance! Even if it’s for a short time. Lo and behold, to our surprise:

Someone let themselves in and did it without asking. Someone took advantage of our vacation time.

Could you forgive me? I didn’t mean to say those hurtful words and leave this house with such a lack of security. The lights are back on. No vacancy. Everyone's still welcomed to this party at our old fashion house, our sinking house, our fucked up house on Belle Vue