by 52 Hertz

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Emo from Würzburg/Germany


released September 10, 2014




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From Würzburg/ in Germany

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Track Name: "Every Bruise Is A Hickey From The Universe."
I'm not able to define the setting in which we're in but on the other hand time and place aren't relevant. What counts is you and me - holding hands, strolling through my cloudland, always having in mind that this could expire apruptly. Because the event of waking up will occur sooner or later. Anyway I focus my mind on your company and I attempt to max it out.

My alarm clock joltes me out of my dreams pitching me back into everyday lifes depression. Where the settings are important again and where I am no longer able to hold your hand.

So I get through my day trying not to think of what could have been and what we would do and experience nowadays. Almost everything I'm looking forward to, are the nights in which I'm able to pass away hoping to re-enter my cloudland and to slip into a fool's paradise.
Track Name: Purr
It was hard to leave the place i grew up in but it feels good being able to live my own life.
It is great to have a place i can return to, when my own life crashes down on me.

There are four persons who always have my back and to whom I can look forward to.
But each time I leave them I'm scared, that I might just come upon three persons on my return.

Cause cats don't live as long as desired.
Track Name: Kufte
Having intelligent friends is futile they're taxing their brains about all the little things in life.

Everything would be easier if they were dully and dumb, then we could enjoy our lives more.
Since they wouldn't care about all the problems in our surroundings.

In conclusion everything would be way less problematic and sad.

So consider it the best to:

Outcast your friends!
Search new companions!
To go for an easier life.
To go for a better life.
Track Name: Shyonara
I have no idea where you are from or who you actually are.
But I guess you already have someone who is better than me.
And thats fine!

I am a jerk in love and you seem to be the romantic unreachable queen.
You're just another person who wouldn't understand me.
I have no idea if you've ever perceived me glancing at you or the failed overtures.

And I will stay alone till the day I will come across the one, who fits me even if it takes an eternity.
Track Name: Perfectly Unhappy
Will I ever reach the point where I'm completely satisfied?
Or is this just an illusion I can never live up to?
But for what should I live then?
Don't know what I should believe in.

And it feels like as if we don't care about the origin of our problems.
We only get that they're present and following us day by day.

Hey how are you? Please don't tell me, I don't want to know how hard your life is.
What are you moaning today? Please don't tell me.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy." (Tendzin Gyatsho)