The Caulfield Cult / Godard - Split





Emo/Pop-Punk from Singapore & the Isle of Wight/UK




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From Würzburg/ in Germany

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Track Name: The Caulfield Cult - Seagulls over me
i've got to get out of this place, this is the last time i'll be here, i swear
i've had enough of folded arms and blank faces.
i can hear your whispers when i close my eyes.
Track Name: The Caulfield Cult - Dead Inside
The spaces between me and these four walls are rather unflattering.
I suddenly remember I have no one and nothing.
In the night time, it gets quiet in my bedroom where I'm hiding away.
In the morning, yes it will hurt. From these bruises, I am walking away.
Track Name: The Caulfield Cult - Art School
I am not sure if I can spend another night with you.
I spent the last days of the year in my head making up friends.
I'm a mess I'm a mess I'm a mess I'm a mess, I already know.
And if my head still spins and my breath don't slow then I can't be alone.
You're my better and you are my worse as well.
I can't be here but I can't help losing myself to the worse things I come up inside my head.
I can't be here but I can't help losing myself.
I am not sure if I can spend another night with you again.
I am not sure if I can spend another night without you again.
Track Name: Godard - Chalk Bones
I'll dig up the roots from beneath these trees, before you can take the sky away from me
walls of water have prolonged our stay, we'll use the bridges we burned to get away.
Look back on the home that gave us everything,
With a bitter but grateful taste.

You're stuck here on your own.
You're stuck here on your own, let the sea erode your chalk for bones.

You've got your good intentions wrapped around my neck.
You tug on puppet strings like they've got no end.
But pretty soon they'll tie you up,
Until you're strung over cliffs with none of us to trust,
Let the waves kiss your feet but they'll rise above,
And fill your lungs.
Track Name: Godard - Valparaiso
I've been holding onto something that's been dragging me down.
Now you're holding onto someone it buries me in the ground.

My insecurities are rotting my insides.
And it's killing me it's more than I can hide.

Regret falls like rain, gathers in puddles.
But they're too shallow to drown my sorrows.
Track Name: Godard - Misery Guts
It's been a while since I've been alone,
This room seemed smaller when you were home.
I lay awake, I can't fucking rest.
I can't find comfort in my own flesh.
I still hear your voice it rattles my bones.
A seam un-sewn and I thought I'd grown?
I can't sleep, I'm a fucking mess.
You've made me more but I've made you less.

You said this was all my fault again.
I'm trying the best I can .
You said this was all my fault again.

My misanthropy is getting on top,
I just wish the ground would swallow me up.
I'll check how you are, does that make me weak?
I threw you away how selfish of me.
It's all too familiar I'm feeling alone,
Drinking and sleeping are my second home.