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Track Name: Sending Lights - Dear Mother
I look up to the sky and I can see no light
Dear mother where have you been all the time

This empty house was once filled with light (where are you)
Haven't you made a promise the day I was born (where are you)
Should I walk these streets all by myself (where are you)

Do you wanna leave like daddy did once before
Haven't you made a promise the day I was born
Can you please come back and show me how to live my life
This empty house was once filled with light
Can you tell me where are you now

This empty house was once filled with light (where are you)
Where are you now
Track Name: Hindsights - Descendant
Staring into a scared young soul.
The last time I saw you, it was freezing cold,
You walked from the train station without a coat.

Get this guilt out of my head,
For not seeing you more often.
Memorials are never enough for me,
There was always I reason I hated football.

A machine was the only thing keeping you breathing.
Track Name: Minus Tree - The Throne
In this time of loneliness
Pretenders at the door
Fake magicians
Tricks of charlatans
They only want to steal his place
They don’t care of anything
Don’t try to comfort the widow
Nothing of what you can offer
Is what she look for
She’s only waiting
for him to get back
you can’t see him
the unseen into the shadows
Catastrophic will be
his return
to take back
his most precious thing
to take back
the throne
Track Name: Crooks - Tired Eyes
Now hope seems so far away,
Am I the coward you became? I am hollow and it shows, And I swear that I’m not coming home.

Distance fills the space between,
Our fingers used to fit so perfect,
But I have cuts on my hands, And I don’t want to remember you as you are now to me.

I can only hope, and swear that I’m not coming home.

The feel, of the water reminds me, Your tears don’t taste of salt.
Your bitter soul.
The fear in your eyes is blinding,
It cuts through the cracks in your soul.

I waited, just in case you walked by, I could have caught your eye, That evening. The snow, the snow fell hard that day,
But I couldn’t care if I tried,
I wont forget that.

I won’t, forget…

I swear that its so, I pray that I don’t make it home, I swear that I wont make it home, I won’t forget that.
Track Name: Old Gray - Winter '11
Raphael: Every day is the same charade: weary ghosts frequenting their favorite haunts. We're all tired but no one ever moves.

Cameron: No effort is made until we forget and fade away.

Raphael: I always found it strange how you found comfort when I spoke in foreign tongue. (In Polish) What do you want from me that you cannot say? What do you want from me that I cannot do?

Charlie: And my words collapsed like the lungs you've overused, for I've wasted my best fleeting hopes, but they weren't you. I keep my eyes firmly closed, hoping I won't see your face. But you are everywhere a shadow, and I am so alone. I am so alone.

Raphael: But what are ghosts except memories we can't let go?

Cameron and Raphael: Today I am what I never was: I am truly alone. Tomorrow I'll be what I wish I were today: I won't be afraid anymore.
Track Name: Cvlt of Grace - The Anarchist
I sacrifice myself for one and all
I come forward telling the truth
Bearing witness, as I must, to my experience
I describe my perversion, my immorality, in detail
Listen, they spit on me, trample me, and I don’t give a toss any more

I’m not, unlike you, a mass of defences
You’ll never be worth more than me
You’ll never be more than me
I’m the one who confronts life
I’m the one who confronts truth

A tissue of falsehoods for justifying my failures
Fifty-six ways to camouflage the truth

I am the one...
Track Name: Dearest - Eleven
It´s this never ending fight
Between my heart and my mind
My mouth is begging for truth
But my lips are closed too hard
My tongue has never burnt that much
But I better swallow everything I feel
Should I be honest to myself?
Or should I just prefer the easier way?

It feels like bombs are ticking in my head
Just a few seconds to destruction
But your deep breath keeps me calm
And put out for the very last time
My heart seems to beat slower
And my mind stops fighting against me
The closer your arms surround me
The easier I do really understand
- Who I really am

Hopes don´t seem to be far away anymore
Dreams are becoming real this time
The light is shining brighter and longer
And I start to realize
Things have never been what they were supposed to be
Reality is not what it seems to be
You gave me the power, you gave me the strength
That I can use my tongue in the words of my heart

Thanks for everything
I will never lie to myself again
Track Name: The Cold Harbour - The Lonely Rose
To end a life, you have to live.
What do i have to show for 18 years.
The rebirth of the lonely rose.
Do I have the heart to walk away.
Or will I live in pain which will never go away.
I knew this wouldn't be easy to show my true thoughts.
In the valley of darkness there is nothing left to see.
Apart from feeling empty
False hope and false points of view.
My life is done and i have nothing to prove.
The rebirth of The Lonely Rose
I’m not coming back
As darkness falls so does my, hopes and dreams.
With the weight of world, on my shoulders
Walking away from life. I’m not coming back.
Track Name: Drenches - The Goner
Lately this place felt less like home and I'm starting to get sick
I tried to escape so many times but something holds me back
All these sleepless nights I've spent, all these wasted years
Is this growing up?
So take off the pictures, blow off the dust
All my hopes, my dreams, my memories,
they're starting to rust
Every day in my life is so fucking grey
Or is this the strong urge to get away?
Where's the place that you call home?
I'm a stranger to myself and I get lost even more with every day
Get me out of this life - no direction, no place to hide
Get me out of this life - just get me through this night
Track Name: Nai Harvest - Whatever
A hit to the back of the neck with coffee breath makes me feel something other than whatever, other than whatever.

I know it's alright to feel dead inside, but it's not for me, alright?

Being busy doesn't keep me happy it keeps me sane. Less time to worry over shit more time to avoid it.

I know it's alright to feel dead inside, but it's not for me, alright? And I'll start caring when TV stops being so good, it never would, no it never could.
Track Name: Thoreau - Helix

Das hässliche Antlitz
unseres Scheidens
starrt mich an
Ich bin sein Spiegel.

In ewige Weiten
starrt sein Auge
durch mich hindurch
in grausame Leere.

Langsam umgibt mich
die Wildnis der Wälder
Ranken schlagen
tiefe Wurzeln.

Und Wogen der Hoffnung
zerschlagen fernab
gewaltig zerberstend
auf steinerner Trauer.

Die kalte Hand
unseres Scheiterns
kost mein Haupt
holt aus zum Schlag.

Der Schmerz sitz tief.
Track Name: Empty Handed - Stay
If this is what rain on my skin feels like. I want to feel it forever, again and again. I thought it through: the same terrifying scenes in front of my closed eyes. I know I can’t change anything of this but I want you to untie the knot that holds me to the ground. Now I know, I am lost without you. It’s damn true, I feel so useless without you. I watched my dreams die too many times. Please not this time. I promise I will never ever beg again, if you decide to hold my hand. My expectations will always stay memories of failures. That’s why I wish you won’t stay a line in a song, but a part of my life. All my time, I spend waiting and waiting for a light like you. Your appearance shines brighter than everything I’ve ever seen. You’d say I was looking for someone to fall in love. The fucking truth be told I was just searching myself. What a beautiful problem. What a beautiful nothing. Now it’s me, on my knees. Alone and scared: I still hate these nights. You mean everything to me and you could change the way I am, as I would fucking let you do it.
Track Name: Path of Devastation - So far and no further
something went terribly wrong

is this your life? - all black and white!

must move on – can't waste time

time's running out
so far and no further

what's the price of integrity?
punish and punish, again and again
conquer the sources

time's running out
so far and no further

we must move on - can't waste time
time's running out
so far and no further

we must ...
Track Name: Forlorn Sights - Footsteps
I look passing the worlds run standing outside. I see crossness and bad mood all around. Trip down memory lane, where have you been? Are these footsteps we've taken to survive? Who may judge me? Where's the justice for things we've done? I try to lock your words in a chest, but I forgot you've got the key. Locked those words for so much years. Some things are better left unspoken. You lied. Distrustful, disgraced, enslaved by myself. Standing on my own legs, but I can not move a single step away. My confidence is built on glass and lies. I'm afraid of going it alone now. I locked these thoughs away. And I locked these words. You let them out! You lied. I can't live without it, I can't tear it down. I'm afraid of falling asleep cause every night it's haunting me. These wounds are opened again, more than ever before. This time I can not defend myself. I'm left black and cold. Even I would hardly try to change the world, in the end I would walk in their footsteps. The time is making fools of me. And I walk in your footsteps. I feel the dead air around me and there is nothing but dead air around me.