Tour Compilation MMXII

by Minus Tree

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Hardcore from Bari/Italy


released September 13, 2012

TAPE sold out.



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From Würzburg/ in Germany

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Track Name: Last Will
may i see you again
may i touch you again
if if i'm dead or not
here's my testament
fear you God
hate nobody
proud of that name
held with pride and pain
now my boat is anchored
to the bank of this lake
and after the storm
i will easily ground
may i see you again
may i touch you again
if i'm dead or not
here's my testament.
Track Name: Great Design
millions of years
of wars and dominion
killing our brothers
killing our child
all those cannibals
all those pigs
craving for a piece of us
can't you see we're disappear
can't you see we're just pawns
of the great design
corruption betrayal
the victims are everywhere
frustration control
the victims are on the street
but down from those chairs
reality is different
can't you see we're disappear
can't you see we're just pawns
of the great design.
Track Name: Stones
My will is to burn
and never return
to the sadness of this emptyness
from pleasure to pain
I'll remain here
burnt by sun
blinded by fog
there's no way out
from losing control
my blood will remain
writing poems in stones
darkness will burn
through my hands
throwing stones.
Track Name: Goodbye (to the worst)
Eyes can only hide the weight of sadness
Hands are burning against walls of silence
I wave goodbye my nightmares
Feel I could shine with lighthouses
Lost at sea there are no places for me Lost in me my mind no longer walks
Desperate colours filling the sky
Wrapping clouds the last sunlight
I'll tease my hands to the sky
the best way to scream goodbye.
Track Name: Nothing But Hope
We’re losing the beauty
Of all we got
We still serve ignorance
We still sink
The prisons the chains
The guns the blood
Inside our hearts there’s only hope.
Track Name: Deadweight
I'm trapped like a fly
in spider's web
Lights are just an illusion
I loudly scream
but they seems all deaf
I'm dancing with tarantula's synapses
Then I'll sink in the storm wind of death
To prove myself I'm not only a prey
Am I really free?
Am I really me?
Track Name: Little Heart
It’s so hard to stay here now
Everything talks about you
Everything has change
But my heart remains the same
I would’nt ask for more
You’re the best i’ve ever had
Knowin you has been
The best gift in my life
Believe this song is for you.
Track Name: Ashes of '67
I've searched for my answers in the older books,
Forgettin' cruelty of the biggest fires,
With no mercy even for the memories,
Terrified by black & white growin' in my heart.

I can't sleep for a thousand nights
I can't feel when darkness was daylight.

Every day I watch my self swimmin' into dust,
Of vultures fightin' for a piece of carcass.

I watch my world die on itself,
When I was dreaming.
Track Name: Night 17
I light the sun to separate my shadow,
From the liars light of dusk,
I'm here from seventeen days and nothing going'on.

When I started to believe to cure my wrong sides,
I'm here from seventeen days and pills pull me off,
You may watch out your window and cry for the fallen ones,
Every hell that I've walked never semeed so fuckin' cold

Now I know every step will be erased by time

Now I know my hearth isn't ticking backward.
Track Name: Bridge to nowhere
I still walk on an empty field, where trees are dreams,

Where to be is to vanish, and nothing happens for free,

I Still hold my regrets, but only in my mind

'cause I'm always alone walkin' this desert in the night

Growing with no white flags, I've got no chance

to rebuild my home.
Track Name: Desert anchor
Lost in damnation of weakness lazy movements draws tight architectures like ant's highway lines
The blackest ship devoured by the storm
We'll sail so far away, invisible from here
I never see a giant feeding the smallest of us
I never see truth hangin' out my door.
Track Name: Kingdom Come
The mirror I looked has spoken
I see my soul that's lost in the fog
My body is shakin' from the inside
touch but I can't see
long deep breaths but I can't see
I can't see
feelin' like regenerate
a new baby has born
orphan without a cradle
a new king without a kingdom.